Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Iranian artist completes designs for shrine of the third Shia Imam

Miniaturist Mahmoud Farshchian presented his designs for a religious shrine of the third Shia Imam in Iran at a local ceremony this week. The 81-year-old artist has expansive experience working within the religious creative industry, with paintings such as Prophet Abraham and Flagbearer of Truth receiving critical acclaim, and was commissioned for the project in 2007. It is thought that work will begin shortly. 

Farshchian furthered: “I have always been eager to work on religious topics. The board of trustees provided great help in completing this project. Master of the art of embossing Mostafa Khodadadzedeh collaborated in this great project, and master Mohammad Movahhed is currently working on its calligraphy work.”

 Mahmoud Farshchian explains his designs for the shrine of third Shia Imam, Hussein (PBUH).

Farshchian is known as Iran's master of miniatures, whose works have been displayed in numerous galleries and museums around the world such as the British Library, Freer Gallery of Art, Bibliotheque Nationale, Metropolitan Museum and Harvard University. He was chosen as an outstanding 21st century intellectual by Cambridge and has received an honorary doctorate in fine arts. 

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